LL Fast & Easy Spanish: The 60-Minute Survival Program (Audiobook)

LL Fast & Easy Spanish: The 60-Minute Survival Program (Audiobook)
Living Language | 1991 | ISBN: 0517585790 | Audio CD | mp3 | 20.76 MB

Designed for travelers or beginners who want a brief introduction to a new language, each program teaches more than 300 essential words and phrases needed to get by in common travel situations. Package includes: 1 hour of instruction on cassette and insert cards with transcript and pronunciation guide.

From the Inside Flap
Fast: If you've always wanted to learn Spanish or need to learn it in a hurry, here is a quick, stress-free introduction to the basics. This 60-minute audio course features more than 300 essential Spanish words and phrases.

Easy: A narrator guides you through the program, providing brief explanations and English translations of the foreign phrases. All you have to do is listen and repeat after the native actors.

Effective: Short quizzes in this interactive course help you think in Spanish. Lessons include little dialogues so you can hear Spanish spoken naturally. Learn both pronunciation and comprehension skills.

Portable: A mini-script with pronunciation guide is included, but the cassette may be used alone. It's easy to learn on the go: in a car, on a plane, even while walking or jogging.


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